Shufflr 1.5

A video browser for your desktop that gives you friend online video feed
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Shufflr is a video browser for your desktop, which allows you to watch and share online videos without the use of an Internet browser. Its graphics constitute its best feature. The click and drag browsing style makes it seem as though you were using a touchscreen.

First, in order to use the application, you need to make an account on, and then the program will require you to sign in whenever you open it. By linking the utility to your Facebook and Twitter account, you will be able to see the videos posted by your friends directly within the application interface. As such, Shufflr allows you to view the videos posted by your friends on different social networks in a single place. There is no need for your friends to have a Shufflr account for you to receive their feed. Furthermore, the program includes a search application, so that you are able to find videos of the bands you prefer or that contain matters of interest to you. By allowing the web browser toolbar to also be installed, you will be able to use the Shufflr bookmarklet as well. This will allow you to queue videos that you come across on YouTube, blogs and others websites directly in the application, so that you can watch them later.

Well organized, with a nice user interface and nice graphics, Shufflr proves to be a useful application if you want your favorite online videos to be conveniently aggregated in one place.

Margie Smeer
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  • Great user-interface
  • Video recommendations from several sites


  • The search results are adapted to your profile and social activity on Shufflr - some consider this an advantage, others will say it is a feature that reduces people's horizons
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